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SMU Blockchain is a student-run organization that has been building a space for members to engage with blockchain-related topics, develop blockchain applications, and connect with industry professionals since 2018. Currently, SMU Blockchain has a growing community of more than 140 members from a wide range of experiences and interests in crypto. The club hosts weekly meetings for students to discuss and learn about blockchain-related subjects, and provides opportunities for students to connect with industry professionals.
About us

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In addition to weekly meetings, SMU Blockchain hosts a variety of events throughout the year, including hackathons and workshops. These events provide members with valuable opportunities to apply their skills in real-world scenarios while developing their professional networks. SMU Blockchain is committed to fostering an inclusive community that welcomes students from all backgrounds and experiences who are interested in exploring the potential of blockchain technology. By providing members with access to experts in the field, as well as hands-on experience working on blockchain applications, the organization prepares its members for success both during and after their time at university.

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